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Unforgettable Showdown: SMCLF’s New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football Team Takes on Birmingham Hammers on Home Turf

This past Saturday, October 14th, was an incredible day for wheelchair football fans. The New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football Team and the Birmingham Hammers faced off in an exhilarating scrimmage. What’s even more impressive is that the Birmingham Hammers made the journey to the New Orleans West Bank for this thrilling showdown.

The scrimmage wasn’t just about competition; it was a fantastic practice session for everyone involved. New referees had the chance to learn the rules, while coaches, players, and staff fine-tuned their skills and strategies. It was a day of growth, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

Now, as the Birmingham Hammers prepare for the Las Vegas Tournament next weekend, we wish them the best of luck. The spirit of wheelchair football is alive and well, and we can’t wait to see more exciting matches in the future! 🏈💪 #WheelchairFootball #Sportsmanship #Inclusivity

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