Daniel Rome

Vice President

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Education & Training

A formal education includes colleges and universities accomplishments (Business Law, College News Paper Staff, and Student Government Association Executive Officer); USAF leadership roles in technology and project management; Consultant Certifications (LSU and Perform Max International) Project Management/Supervision; former CEO/President River Area Entergy Corp.; US Government (US Navy, VA) IT and Management / Supervisory roles; Union Official (Chairman, President, Chief Steward); Military & College athlete (football, field & track, swimming, tennis, basketball); Project Management areas also includes oil and gas industry, communications, non-profit organizations assistance, and working during and after hurricanes (Katrina / IDA) as a Federal Emergency Responding Official and a decommissioning officer (assessment of and removal of hardware from damaged US government facilities); and was assigned to work with the governor’s transition team (Infrastructure & IT); and lead consultations with the US Department of Labor and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) in Baton Rouge, La for establishing a union contract; and a former business development corporation contractor with IBM, Dell, HP, and other technology corporations; and former Construction Company Official  (GMCL, Inc. / General Minority Contractors League).

In conclusion, Mr. Rome has worked successfully with multi-million dollar development projects for the United States government, private industry, and internationally for over fifty (50) years in both military and civilian leadership roles.

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