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New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football Team: Our Journey at the 2023 USA Wheelchair Football League Tampa Tournament

Hey there, New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football team fans and supporters! We’re excited to share the incredible journey of the New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football Team at the 2023 USA Wheelchair Football League Tampa Tournament. While we didn’t come home with the championship, we want you to know that we poured our hearts and souls into every minute of play.

Unmatched Dedication

First off, we can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support. Your cheers and encouragement are what fuel our passion for the game. Our team is made up of athletes who redefine what’s possible in adaptive sports, and we were proud to represent New Orleans and Louisiana  in Tampa.

150 Athletes, One Goal

This tournament was a showcase of talent and determination. We were joined by 150 players from across the country, each giving their all to prove that wheelchair football is a sport of strength, strategy, and sheer willpower. The competition was fierce, and every game pushed us to our limits.


Hillsborough County Adaptive Sports – Our Amazing Hosts

A massive shoutout to Hillsborough County Adaptive Sports for being incredible hosts. Their commitment to providing accessible opportunities for athletes with disabilities is something we deeply appreciate. Without their support, this tournament wouldn’t have been possible.

The USA Wheelchair Football League Continues

The journey doesn’t end here. The USA Wheelchair Football League, part of Move United, is heading to Buffalo, New York, in just three weeks. Thanks to PBS, you can catch all the action via live stream, and we hope to have you cheering us on from afar. We’re in this together, no matter the distance.

Join Us in Making a Difference

For those of you inspired by our team’s performance, we invite you to get involved and make a difference. Becoming a volunteer is a fantastic way to support the league and help us continue pushing the boundaries of adaptive sports. Learn more about how you can contribute to this incredible cause at

Our Bright Future

As we reflect on our journey at the 2023 Tampa Tournament and celebrate the Los Angeles Rams’ victory, we’re reminded of the bright future of adaptive sports. We’ll keep pushing what’s possible and breaking down barriers, with your support behind us every step of the way.

In Conclusion

We may not have brought home the trophy this time, but the New Orleans Saints Wheelchair Football Team will continue to fight, compete, and inspire. Thank you, Saints fans, for being the heart and soul of our team. Together, we’re unstoppable. #WhoDat #AdaptiveSports #SaintsWheelchairFootball #CompeteWithHeart

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