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Scrimmage Game Lakeshore Foundation

September 2

The SMCL Foundation & Associates, in collaboration with The Saints wheelchair football team, is organizing a scrimmage game against the Birmingham Hammers wheelchair football team. The event is tentatively scheduled to take place on September 2nd at the Lakeshore Foundation in Alabama.

The SMCL Foundation & Associates is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and providing support for individuals with disabilities. They have partnered with The Saints, a wheelchair football team, to create opportunities for athletes with physical impairments to participate in competitive sports.

The scrimmage game aims to showcase the skills and abilities of the athletes from both teams. It will be held at the Lakeshore Foundation, a renowned sports and fitness facility known for its commitment to adaptive sports and recreational activities for people with disabilities.

While the date of the event is tentative and subject to change, it promises to be an exciting and inspiring exhibition of wheelchair football. Spectators can look forward to witnessing the determination, athleticism, and teamwork displayed by the athletes as they compete in a highly engaging and competitive match.

The event not only serves as a platform for the players to showcase their abilities, but it also raises awareness about wheelchair sports and promotes a more inclusive society. It highlights the importance of providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in sports and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Overall, the SMCL Foundation & Associates, along with The Saints wheelchair football team, are working towards creating an empowering and memorable event that celebrates the capabilities and achievements of athletes with disabilities.


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